Literally a mind explosion of ideas and tangents. I'm a developer, by the way.

Who am I?

My name is Alex. I’m a 16 year old developer who’s worked with computers for most of my natural life. I’m a lover of mathematics and programming and a complete obsessive over pandas. 

I also do work for people, taking development commissions. Think you might be interested? You can always contact me! This website is for my little tangents I have often.


You can see my latest and greatest tangents here. Believe me, they’re worth a read.

Applying the Curve… to Sorting.

So this is my second post using the Bézier curve, which has been really fun to play with so far. Unfortunately, last time (1+ week ago) I wasn’t able to[…]

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(Mis)adventurous graphing

Introduction Bézier Curves are pretty cool. Say you want to take a series of points and then graph a curve based on them – you can do that. Want to[…]

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